A4 Pattern Stitching


We offer FREE A4 Pattern Stitch Service

We take you A4 file, digitally stitch them together and print out onto the most suitable large format paper

and all you pay is the print cost.

What Happens.

1. We digitally stitch the A4 pattern into a single sheet.

2. If necessary, we crop the digital page to fit our printers making sure all pattern pieces are in tact at least once.

3. We select the best paper size to minimise paper waste.

4. We send the file into the print room ready for print.

5. Once Printed the file is packed and dispatched.

If this service is something you would like to use, email us your pattern files for a quote to


Please allow up to 5-7 working days for your reply, stitching can be time consuming so please allow us time to stitch these and get a quote back to you.